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This page is dedicated to sharing charts for comparing manuscripts and versions of rabbinic and related texts in Hebrew and Aramaic prepared by the Version Editor program.


Manuscript Charts


2 Sam 24, 4QSam, and 1 Chron 21 - prepared by Richard Hidary



tHag 2:11 - prepared by Richard Hidary

tHag 2:9 and tSan 7:1 - prepared by Richard Hidary



Shabbat 36b-38b - prepared by Gvaryahu Amit (The Geniza Fragment is Paris BN 703; T = toronto, O = oxford, M = munich, Ed = ed)

Pesahim 28a - 29a - prepared by Richard Hidary

Megilah 6b - prepared by Richard Hidary

Sanhedrin 84b - 90a, Pereq Elu Hen Hanekhenaqin - prepared by Moses Sutton and Richard Hidary

Ketubot 49a - prepared by Richard Hidary

Yevamot 13b-16a - prepared by Richard Hidary

Temurah 2a-3a - prepared by Gvaryahu Amit (Siglae:ג1  - t-s f2(2).15,  פ0 - Florence glosses,  ז - Paris AIU H147A,

      ו - Vatican 119,  ר - Vatican 120,פ   - Florence II-I-9,  מ - Munich 95,ד   - Ed. Princeps Venice)

See also charts prepared by ha-Iggud le-Parshanut ha-Talmud.



Vayikra Rabbah (external site)

Esther Rabbah (external site)

Shir ha-Shirim Rabbah 1:5-6 - prepared by Shlomi Efrati

        ו = Vatican, Ms. Ebr. 76

        א = Oxford, Bod. 164

        ט     = Frankfurt/Main, Ms. Heb. oct. 133.6

        מ = Munchen, Ms. Hebr. 50

        פ = Parma 3122 (De Rossi 1240)

        ז = Vatican Ebr. 249

        ג = Leningrad, Antonin 998

ד          = Pesaro Printed edition, 1519


Parallel Version Charts

tSot 7:9 and bHag 3a - prepared by Richard Hidary